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05-17-2012, 08:06 AM
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This will be my only post in this thread on account of not wanting to rack up too many infractions...

Any statement about an "impending lockout" is incredibily foolish at best. While the league actually filing for the termination of the CBA is surprising, the fact that they did it before the deadline is rather telling.

This action means absolutely nothing vis a vis a lockout.

In fact, multiple seasons have been played without a CBA in place. The most likely comparable to this season is not 04-05 as that was such a completely different scenario, it has absolutely no relevance on the current situation, and basically should not even be referenced if people are talking about upcoming collective bargaining. Instead, the most comparable is likely the 91-92 season which was started without an agreement in place, and played until just before the playoffs, when the players instituted a strike. That strike lasted all of 9 days before an agreement was reached to bridge the previous CBA through the playoffs and the next season.

It's also extremely important to note, while in the NFL last year teams were immediately forbidden from communicating with the players or dealing with them at all, that will never be the case in the NHL. The existing CBA runs through September 15, 2012 no matter what either side does. That means the draft will go on as usual, player contracts can be signed, the July 1 start of free agency will continue unhindered. Contrary to the fearmongering claim quoted in the OP, it's highly unlikely that things like rookie camp will be cancelled. Team activities can and will continue like normal until the expiration of the existing CBA on 9/15/12. Beyond that point, considering the non-adversarial position the league is attempting to posture for, and the much greater potential negative impact to the players, the season will almost certainly begin on time, continue through normally, and an agreement be reached prior to the playoffs of next season. It's at that time that we're most likely to have issues as immediately before the playoffs is when the players have the most power. In this situation, a playoff strike is far more likely than any sort of lockout behavior by the owners.

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