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05-17-2012, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by VanSciver View Post
You can make all the baseless assumptions you want. Doesn't make it reality. I've watched the Preds play a lot. Not aware of how many games specifically. Carle and Suter are very similar physical players. And very comparable in that area. Should I now post one video clip of Carle making a hit? LOL And your comment that Detroit would have more then likely gained possession there. More evidence of your bias towards Carle. A competent analysis just wouldn't include a statement like that.

I didn't say that you did say he was ( I take it comprehension is not your strong point)...Bourdon is also a more physical player then Suter is. And some other quality defenseman in the League such as Yandle. So really what's your point? What it was a was a lame attempt to discredit Carle by making an asinine comparison.

All defenseman make mistakes. What you see is what you want to see. Due to your obvious bias towards Carle. Which isn't fact based. The Flyers coaching staff likes to play a confused defenseman 25 minutes a night in the playoffs because they like the varous gaffes.

No it's not just then. It continues to be the same this Season. As Carle was again one of the top ES point producers among defenseman in the League.

it's an inaccurate perception. There is no confidence issue in Carle's game. He is an experienced player who is calm under pressure with the puck. He makes quality play after quality play under heavy pressure. That's why the Coaches play him so much.

Carle is a strong decision make with the puck.

Yes, you most certainly did fail to look at it. If Carle played next to Weber on the point of the PP for the minutes that Suter plays there. Carle's PP point total would almost certainly rise. Carle played those minutes on the 2nd PP unit away from the top PP point producers on the team such as Giroux and Hartnell. You analysis there was incomplete and I called you on it. Still, Suter is the better PP point man.

Again, a complete failure in analysis. Carle played most of his time on the 2nd PP unit, away from Hartnell and Giroux. It seems to me that you haven't watched many Flyers games.

It is a strong factor. But when your looking at signing a player to a deal for what it would take to get the player. You have to look at all the factors of the player as an individual. A true #1 is a shutdown defender as well as an offensive producer. Suter in my opinion is not a shutdown defender. He's a very good #2. And he would be a decent #1 on some teams. But not what I'd be looking for as a #1.

Again a false assumption on your part which makes you look foolish.

Nice touch with the emoticon. I don't need to use them.

I would not sign Suter to the long term deal it might take to get an AAV in that range.

The Flyers have 5 top 4 level defenseman. 6 if you count Pronger. Flyers have a much deeper defense core. They use the Coburn/Grossmann pairing against other top lines. The Preds are heavily reliant on the top pair.

It went fine. And obviously the Coaching staff was fine with it as they kept it together for a considerable time. Carle carried a weaker player for a good amount of game. Which obviously proves that your analysis of Carle not being able to carry a pairing is incorrect.

I agree. Carle shouldn't be the top minute getter on the team. That should go to a true #1 such as Pronger. But Carle as he has shown in the past, is an excellent complimentary player to a #1 such as Pronger.
Again, like others you misread the NHL salary structure and what top NHL defenseman make. And what players like Carle make.

The Flyers might very well wind up doing that. I'd rather wait for the right player and make that commitment to a true #1.

I laugh at your weak refutations...just saying the opposite of what I say, as if coming from you makes it true. You obviously have a very myopic and biased view of Matt Carle and seem to lack much of any real first hand knowledge of Ryan Suter. If your player analysis has you significantly overrating players like Matt Carle and Andreas Nodl and underrating players like Giroux and Wellwood, then you're the one with the flawed analysis. Good luck with that.

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