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03-24-2006, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by burnlikestars
I like them and I'll tell you why, they aren't red or black like virtually ever other team in the league.

I also find it quite humourous that people talk about how hideous the jerseys are until Team Canada pulls out their vintage mustards and no one says a peep.

i will tell you this. those yellow jerseys were worn once as a nod to a team in the 20's that wore them, and they tried to market them heavily as a retro look here. and we canadians did not buy it, they were pretty loathed, but since it was a one shot thing, people just let it slide. however, us canadian fans also despised the jerseys Team Canada wore at the Turino Olympics, and they also sat on the shelves collecting dust nation-wide. Canadian hockey fans have been quite critical of this new look, as they are pretty much either entirely red or entirely white: BORING and rather ugly.

we speak up when we think it actually does matter, especially with our wallets. up here, the nicest jerseys are sold the most. obviously in the main hockey markets you see lots of the home team, much moreso thatn you would in most us markets. it seems like everybody in canada has a jersey of their favorite team. but also, the chicago, montreal, detroit, vancouver (vintage stick blue), rangers and philadelphia jerseys around, just from people who think they look cool. lots of leafs jerseys too, but lots of people are leaf fans for some stupid reason. anybody who isnt a leafs fan in canada despises them with intense passion, mainly because they are crammed down our throat by the toronto-based national tv networks who think that the leafs are 'the center of the hockey universe.

i am yet to see somebody wear the third preds jersey, outside of on tv in nashville.

just so you know what it is really like here man.

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