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Originally Posted by ThatCrazyRangerFan View Post
Okay I'm not so much as visiting but moving, I'm closing on a house between now and the 1st week of April. I'll be living in the Lancaster area. What's around there for the most part? I know in the summer they have Taste of Lancaster and that was fun for me last year. Isn't Depew station near there as well... is there any like recreational sport buildings, etc in the area? Any/all info would be greatly appreciated...

BTW I am NOT trolling... I am moving, and I spend time in WNY, just not enough to know.
While Lancaster is a pretty urbanized town, it's still a suburb of Buffalo, and a small one at that. Maybe folks who've lived here longer than me will want to correct me, but especially during the summer you're gonna want to make the trip downtown to take advantage of the cool stuff going on in Buffalo. Food festivals, concerts in the Square, awesome shopping in ethnic neighborhoods that you won't find in Lancaster (I suggest Grant-Ferry and Elmwood Village for window-shopping/strolling/time killing)

However, there are no John & Mary's in the city, while you've got one in Lancaster. Jim's Steak Out is no substitute. Get yourself a Chicken Finger sub from J&M.

Also, welcome to the Buffalo chapter of the Rangers-Fans-in-Exhile club . I'm a grad student at UB so if you have any questions about the campus or anything shoot me a message.

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