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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
It goes back to the wood stick argument. It's a personal decision. Those who grew up with them often prefer them. Those who grew up with composite prefer that. Those who strapped magazines to their shins don't often care for the latest and greatest shin slings and what not.

I don't buy the argument that 5030's are just as protective as your high end pads. There's no way 1/4" of single density foam can compete with poly inserts and dual density.

Now is the $150 shoulder pad going to reduce shoulder injuries? Probably not much, if at all. They don't protect the joint, which is where the injuries tend to happen. Kind of like how shin pads won't prevent ligament tears and pants won't prevent groin/hip injuries.

But it certainly will take the sting out of pucks and sticks, which you're going to get a lot of at that age, especially as a defenseman.
Who's trying to say that? I'm saying consider the mobility before protection. If you're worried about being cross checked in the back modify your pads for a little extra protection in the back while preserving that mobility. I just think the current pads right now have too much protection in the wrong places.

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