Thread: Speculation: Would you take Carle back?
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05-17-2012, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by dawkins121 View Post
You'r blaming the defensive struggles of the last 3 years on Matt Carle? Coburn and Timonen have been on the defense the last 3 years too. Do they share any of the blame?

I'm not trying to say Carle is a worldbeater in his own end. He clearly has some deficincies. However, he is an above average puck mover, is pretty underrated in his own zone, and log lot's of ice time and still be pretty effective. He's a legitimate top 4 player. He's especially valuable in Laviolette's system that puts extra emphasis on transition game and breakout passes.

Once again I would like to emphasize that sitting at home and chalking up Suter to 6.5 million on your Cap Geek roster does not automatically make him part of the team. That also does not work for Jackman, Garrison, or Just Shultz. There are not a lot of great options out there and Carle is a guy that we know has value, we know how he fits in our system, and we know he wants to sign here.

I don't get how people can be so one-sided about this. Everyone recognizes the need for bottom six forwards that can back check and play defense even though they have limited offensive contributions. Well we also need defensemen who don't treat the puck like a hand grenade.

Why do people think we can get away with a defense made up entirely of Grossmanns and Coburns? Do all of you think Timonen is still the same player he used to be? That he is going to log 25+ minutes a night and be our only puck mover? Do you think Laviolette just lost track of time and that Carle played significantly more minutes than Timonen by accident last season? We need puck movers if we are going to play a run and gun system. If you don't like the system blame Laviolette.
Both carle and suter will be ufas....Homer can evaluate both players and their demands and try to sign the one he wants...maybe he'll trade for negotiating rights before nash would lose him...he's done that before...with the same GM on the other side. A long term deal, which Suter has claimed he is seeking, may allow for a cap hit/aav of less than 7mm per yr..

While there are a number of different scenarios possible, if a decision is to be made of signing carle at 5+ or suter at <7 AAV, I'd take Suter...

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