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05-17-2012, 02:58 PM
mike bowman
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I support Tigers response but I'm happy that they are moving forward to improving the Minor Midget program in the would be nice for the GNML to allow Minor Midget teams(SOO/Sudbury)to play in their league... than critics can finally embrace the GNML...until this is done people will continue to have their opinions .

Well I support Tigers response regarding player development as well . I am just saying the GNML is not to blame in this argument . The OHF and the NOHA set the rules by which minor hockey is governed not the GNML . If the process has been flawed in the past the questions should go there . As for interlocking games between teams from the league and the minor midgets , that too is an NOHA decision . As for participating in the league as franchises , it is a major midget league . There ice limitations in most centers and time constraints on league play . It would be a tough fit even if there was a decision to allow it made by the OHF and the NOHA . The NOHA is doing it's best to address the situation and I'm sure things will improve over the next few years . Out of curiosity , do any of the southern minor midget teams play in major midget leagues ?

Concerning the players to watch from the region I will concur on your selections . Speers is a a special player without a doubt but I think he will be playing for the North Stars next year if my information is correct . I have seen most of the others you mentioned at least once and they are all very good . Young Locke from IF is very good as well but the jump from A competition is a bit bigger than for some of the others . Having seen him several times though , I believe he can adapt . I understand he has skated in Timmins already with the Majors and possibly Kap as well . He is going to try for the minor team in Sudbury a well . New this year in Timmins is a AAA peewee team that will compete together . It has players from Timmins , Iroquois Falls and Kirkland Lake . Should make the Timmins AAA bantam team more competitive in a few years . The development landscape is changing in the North as I have said .

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