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Originally Posted by clayman View Post
I played hockey back in the 70's in Southern California and when I moved to Arizona the closest rink was two hours away- too long of a commute to play so went back to racing motorcycles. I have always missed it and when i moved to the Pacific Northwest about 4 years ago I discovered recently there is a rink buried about ten minutes from me in a commercial complex..Nice!

In the last few weeks I've bought all new skates and equipment and can't wait to play again! I can't believe how much everything has changed, especially the skates and sticks! Amazing stuff! I've only skated twice since coming back and after 30 years and the new type of skates it's like learning all over again, my mind remembers, the body thinks I've gone crazy! lol...

There's alot of great information here on this site and it's very cool to see I'm not the only one who trying to make a comeback..Very cool!
I can relate, played 5-6 years when I was a kid but was lazy and didn't work on my skating and stopped when I was like 12. Started skating again 30 years later (5 years ago) and started playing hockey again 2 years ago and am completely hooked - play about 4-6 hrs a week now between league and instructional.

I feel kinda like the Morgan Freeman character in Shawshank Redemption when he says he would like to talk some sense into his younger self. But what the hell, it is what it is, enjoy.

The skating comes back pretty quickly (I was probably a bit better than I remembered) and since I actually work on it now I'm a better skater now than when I was a kid even though I learn slower than then.

Anyway, good luck and have fun! If you're married, tell your wife to get used to smelly gear and weird game hours!

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