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05-17-2012, 04:51 PM
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not shooting the puck

i think is the reason why in these playoffs this year and last year, the flyers aren't beating good teams because they are simply not shooting the puck, all they do is pass, sure it would work against bad teams like pittsburgh this year, buffalo last year, but boston and new jersey fed off those plays and made the flyers look like idiots.

if you watch nj beating the rangers last night, their d shoot the puck with screens, that is what beats great goalie screens, why arent the flyers doing that? especially with rangers which is why they are losing to them, why are they tring to be fancy with cross ice passing? it never works, even if we get a good player in the offseason, the rest of these players have to play like the team and shoot pucks, briere shoots the puck, jvr doesnt, hartnell doesnt, jagr doesnt, giroux does but sometimes makes stupid passing when he has an opportunity to score.

i mean i dont know if it's lav or the players, if it's the players he has to get them to shoot the puck because it's the only to beat good teams and get goals, doesnt matter what type of defense each team has, they have to shoot the puck, if not then flyers will never a cup.

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