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05-17-2012, 06:23 PM
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I've been reading this and the other thread way too long, I guess I'll suck it up and post my story...

I'm 32, and started skating about a year ago. Had done public skates w/rentals, etc... but that's it. Always been a huge hockey fan, but could never afford to get into it, until now, and I really want my kids to have a chance to play if they want to, since I never had the opportunity.

So last year I hit the LHS and bought a pair of skates, started going to lunch-time public skates at the rink near my office.
A year later and I still can't do a hockey stop, but I can skate backwards pretty decent, forward cross both ways, and all that. Last month I broke down and bought all the gear, been doing stick & puck twice a week and one drop-in session. I still can't get past that mental block of "it's not going to hurt if I fall cause I have all this crap on", but I'm getting there.
The local rink has stick & puck from 11-12 am, and drop-in from 12-2. There aren't too many people on weekdays so I mostly have a rink to myself for at least an hour, it's pretty nice.
Planning on doing this for the summer and then signing up for D League this fall, and see how it goes.

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