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05-17-2012, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Coldshot View Post
I still don't see Howson getting a better offer for Nash than the final offer that the Rangers sent. It's ridiculous that Sather even went that far. He was practically bidding against himself by the time the trade deadline came around. Couldn't see Nashville, a team that will have trouble signing both Suter and Weber adding on Nash, especially if they want to keep Radulov, San Jose doesn't have the pieces, and I don't think Nash wants to go to Toronto. Not sure they have the pieces to pull a deal anyway.

I think it's Rangers or bust, and I think Nash wants to push this on Columbus if anything. With the Rangers success in the playoffs, especially if they go to the finals, they'll go after Zach Parise first and then Nash as a backup plan if anything.
The Leafs are on Nash's list according to Bobby Mack, DD, and Lebrun so I don't think he'd mind going there or they wouldn't be on his list.

Yes the maple Leafs do have the assets to get a deal done no doubt but they have other needs too like a goalie and a center so Nash might not be the first road traveled.

As for it being Rangers or Bust I don't think they push for him too hard if they go to the final or win they cup as they will have proven they can get there without him.

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