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Originally Posted by OHLTG View Post
They had the best record in the OHL by seven games and were in the Memorial Cup finals. If that's not "all that good", I'd hate to see what standard you're setting this at.
They did well, but I don't think the team was anything special.
They were hard working, had a good system, good coach and home ice advantage so they did well. Props to them, and no disrespect intended towards their results. However I don't think you can say that they are any better than what Windsor could have put on the ice had they been awarded the cup.

Yeah all this stuff is old and the game of "what if" is pretty pointless, but it's pretty slow and there's not much else to talk about.

I don't really hold a grudge about not getting the cup, the process is what it is and we didn't get it. Maybe next time we'll be awarded the cup over a superior bid and it will be somebody else's turn to complain about it. Branch is a dummy though, London is not the center of the hockey world. He's such a wad for saying that about a team with 1 cup in their storied history. What a pandering ass-clown, he's worse than Mick Foley going for the cheap pop. He couldn't be bothered to show his face in Windsor when we won last time. I do hold a grudge against that guy for how he runs things. When I was in Rimouski a few years ago he was walking by me in the hallway and to this day I regret not giving him an atomic wedgie.

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