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Originally Posted by Silverback91 View Post
LOL Hamilton and Rask? the only 1st round pick in the last 5+ years worth that or more is Stamkos.

Oilers fans crack me up.

Push trading Yakupov away down everyones throats for 100x more than his worth and then when their laughed at say well we don't need to trade Yakupov.

Great don't trade him no one cares if ur going to ask for something asinine and then get offended when its laughed at.
Yeah, I can agree that Yapukov probably has more value than Hamilton in a Vacuum, but as others have pointed out Hamilton would probably go #2 this year if he was in the draft, or at least he'd be in the conversation.

Honestly there any number of reasons trading Hamillton for Yapukov makes little sense even if the deal was even up.

Hamilton fills a much bigger need than Yapukov for Boston. Boston has been without this type of dynamic presense on the blueline for over a decade, and with Chara in the back half of his career, they need to develop a future #1 now

Hamilton in Canadian, Yapukov Russian. I know Yapukov is committed to the US< but Boston has a poor history with Russian players and really has no support structure in place to bring him into.

Hamilton is a big man, Yapukov little man. I know it doesn't matter as much in hockey as in some other sports, but Hamilton's size is a HUGE asset

And beyond all that, yes Boston would likely have to add to the deal to make it happen, and that just makes no sense for this team

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