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Look at Desharnais - he's on the first line because he outplayed Eller and Gomez. He produced with plugs and is a clear offensive threat. Eller? His problem is he didn't use his linemates enough (they suck, I know, but he needs them) and he lacked consistency. He's still very young and

Right now Desharnais and Plekanec are better than Eller. When Eller is going to prove that sentence to be wrong then he's going to bump one of these two to the 3rd line. Desharnais is much better offensively while Plekanec is better offensively AND defensively. Unless we want to tank next year there is absolutely NO incentive to trade Plekanec. Plekanec is the responsible veteran center, yet he's young enough that he can play 22+ minutes when necessary. He's not an offensive dynamo but he can score a goal anytime and will never give up on his defensive duties. He's the stabilizing factor, a constant. Much like Gorges on D.

Meanwhile Eller is no Jordan Staal and yet Staal has been 3rd line center on his team for years now. Its a prized luxury to have many centers that could be top2 centers. I expect Eller to put up 40+ points next year, that would be great as a 3rd line center and would really help spread the offensive. He will likely be a key part of the 2nd PP wave unlike last year and hopefully rack up a few points there.

As for Plekanec and the playoffs - he's had a really bad playoff performance, otherwise he's never been ''bad''. Not gonna count on him to score a million points but he's going to get the job done. He's going to put defensive and mistake free play before points and personal glory. Again, you need these kind of players.

How many cups does Briere have?

Briere did rack up a lot of points in the playoffs, he's also much older. Briere's first PPG playoff performance came when he was 28. For all we know Desharnais could put up similar clutch effort by then. They are similar player.
keep them both as 1-2 and we stay medicore for years

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