Thread: Proposal: Chicago-Ottawa Blockbuster
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05-17-2012, 08:03 PM
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Originally Posted by MurrayBannerman View Post
Good job backing up your opinion. Thumbs up.

Originally Posted by LeX4cavalier View Post
Are you serious? Toews ppg was only .08 less than Spezza's, while being light years ahead defensively. Not to mention that Toews has scored more points than Spezza the last 2 years, while being MUCH better defensively. He is also 5 years younger. Toews has much more value than Spezza, and this is coming from a Blackhawks/Toews hater.
I'm so sick of the whole 'Spezza/Karlsson' (take your pick) are terrible defensively. He doesn't lay anywhere near as many blind drop passes as he used to, and his (both Spezza and Karlsson) defensive game has improved leaps and bounds this year. Does Spezza have giveaways? Sure, but he has a lot of takeaways too. Any top flight offensive player will have more giveaways than less skilled players, because they have the puck more than less skilled players. It's really that simple. Look at the giveaways of players like Mr. NHL, Sidney Crosby, and other top offensive players, and they all will have lots of giveaways, often more than Spezza. This is to say that Spezza's defensive game is far better than its ever been. Toews is better than Spezza defensively, but its much closer there than the difference in their offensive games. And lets not forget, the OP is a Hawks fan wanting Spezza, not a Sens fan wanting Toews.

Originally Posted by MurrayBannerman View Post
Toews had .95 PPG and .89 PPG whereas Spezza had .91 and .95 at much lower quality defense and higher age.

Oh, and Toews was captain of a Stanley Cup Champion team.
You are helping my argument here. Toews has had a championship calibre team around him. Spezza has had a team around him looking more and more like an AHL team. He made Colin freakin' Greening into a top liner for a time, a guy that probably should be in the AHL, and is most definitely not an NHL top liner. Spezza makes those around him better, and puts up superior numbers, despite being our only threat on many nights. Toews has a great team around him, therefore great insulation, and still can't post Spezza numbers.

You want the 4th highest scorer in the NHL, who is also our best player? You overpay (which means a legit top line center and more coming back), or he doesn't move. It's really that simple.

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