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03-25-2006, 10:25 AM
It's weird and gross
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Originally Posted by Roswell
i am going to be completely honest. i am completely blown away that so many of you love it. sure it is a matter of opinion, and you have every right to like it and wear it proudly to support your team.

i just find it funny because everybody else seems to hate it, and it was almost unanimously voted the worst current jersey in the nhl in The Hockey News last year, both by a survey of 30 NHL hockey executives (one from every team) as well as fans in a write-in ballot. the horrible boston jersey with the huggy-bear on the front was #2.

i personally consider it one of the worst designs in the history of the NHL, and not even so much for the color, at least that is original. it is the cartoonish predator on the front. sorry, but i just hate that thing, it looks like something out of a disney cartoon. this is just such a contrast in my opinion because i think the preds other jeseys, especially the blue one, are among the coolest designs in the league. very modern without lookng dated just for the here and now, it is a look they can wear a long time, and i hope they do.

but if you guys lke them, wear them and wear them proudly.

You realize you're saying this as a fan of a team with some of the worst jersey designs in the history of hockey in the portfolio, right?


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