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Originally Posted by gago View Post
How is player B responsible? Since when is "trying to avoid a completely unnecessary hit" "putting yourself in a vulnerable position"? "Gray area"? Are you even serious? So you say that every player should just let others hit him as they wish, and like your countrymen said, just stand there and "take it like a real man"? The diving accuse is just insulting. Not to Mikuš, not to Slovakia, but to the game of hockey. You are either lying to yourselves or just blind, that was a reckless season-ending hit. Unintentional maybe, but reckless, pointless... Dirty hit and an injury-causing hit = 5 minutes, bottom line.

Honestly, what would you say it the roles were reversed? You would be the first ones to shout "UNCIVILIZED COMMUNIST EASTERN EUROPEAN BARBARIANS, THEY SHOULDN'T EVEN BE ALLOWED TO PLAY HOCKEY!"

Seriously Canada, I like you, you play great hockey every year including this year, but have at least some decency and learn how to lose. Instead of making up excuses and destroying your own cities when you lose.
Because he dodged the hit with everything except his leg.

Why is player A responsible? Everything was clean until player B dodges, leaving leg vulnerable, and impossible to avoid. There was no hunting with the knee, and no last minute extending of the knee.

Seriously Slovakia, I like you, you played a great game and deserved the win, but the hit was unfortunate. Hopefully Mikus will recover. He certainly would be crippled for life if Getzlaf had tried to knee him in the position he put himself.

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