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Originally Posted by donkers View Post
That's what I thought but wasn't sure. I was kind of hoping Warrior was jumping on the Sherwood/Bauer/Winnwell bandwagon and coming out with class styled pads.

If NHL players can get away with 5030's I think it can be a legitimate suggestion for minor level hockey players.
Not really. NHL players are bigger and stronger, can take more abuse than your typical lanky 15 year old who has yet to fill his frame. There are more errant sticks and pucks in minor hockey, plus those kids are not going to play hockey for a living, so they can't afford to risk their safety for what is essentially a game. There would be very very very few parents who would want their kid in something as flimsy as a 5030. Players like Colton Orr prefer the 5030s because it's what they're used to and what they've been using for a long time. Players and kids nowadays are different.

Those who praise the 5030 are all rec leaguers now and have more control over your abilities and know when to avoid certain situations to protect yourself. Don't scorn the new player with higher end gear, they simply want to protect themselves and you have absolutely no argument against the protective quality of the 5030 vs something higher end.

It's your preference, so stop imposing it on others.

The Warrior is a pro NHL-spec cap with their Zote cell foam. Commonly added onto existing pads to meet new regulations. Other manufacturers make them too, but only at the pro level. That's why you almost never see NHL-spec pads at retail (although they really should be, imo).

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