Thread: Proposal: Voracek for Chris Stewart
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05-17-2012, 10:05 PM
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I haven't read through all the posts... that said, I think some people forget just how young Voracek is... like Hartnell, Jake joined the NHL early and is only 22 and won't be 23 until mid August... Looking at him he looks so much older and he carries himself in a more mature manner than one would think a 22 year old would.

He has great potential and much talent that I believe he has finally began to show more consistently since joining the Flyers... He has outstanding puck control and skating which he uses to quickly gain the Offensive Zone and is hard to force off the puck. I believe he has to learn when to dish off the puck earlier -- although I suppose it could be he the reason he doesn't is because he seems to usually be too far ahead of his line-mates haha -- I think he will learn in time how to better use his talents to set up players... although he does get his fair share of assist since he is so involved with the puck in his shifts... I agree with those that say he has to learn how to finish better, but I believe he will in time... Again, I think we at times forget his tender age when we see his years in the NHL and his mature manner.

I wouldn't break the bank on him... and I don't think he will try to hold Homer up... but I would make all the effort I could to re-sign him and move him only in a clear longtime upgrade at a spot the Flyers need to improve, which to me means D-man or a much better two-way forward.

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