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05-17-2012, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by donkers View Post
I know plenty of kids who play Midget AAA and AA right now and to be honest I don't see how it has. The reason 5030's aren't prevalent is because kids like the expensive stuff for bragging rights with their teammates.
I have parents and kids from every spectrum of minor hockey come in for protective gear. Very few would prefer a lower end pad when, for their level, they would need a higher end pad. Like r3cco said, the industry responds to the market, you can get extremely lightweight and mobile pads nowadays with top-end protection. It's no longer a catch 22. He's also absolutely right that there are different needs at different levels. One can absolutely get away without shoulders in shinny and non-contact rec. If one were to play AAA for example, those types of pads simply won't cut it anymore. Do AA and AAA players still rock minimalistic pads? Absolutely, I won't ever argue that until I know what every single AA or AAA player wears (lol), but what I'm saying is that for that level, mid-high end is a need.

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