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05-17-2012, 10:51 PM
Steel your Habs away
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At least, another team than us will look awfully bad after all even if it pays off in the end but right now, Philly letting Richards and Carter go...and they might win the Cup while Philly is still looking at getting a goalie....doesn't look good for them. Let just say that the Philly model was surely not the right one to use....Some people did forget about something called the goalie. But seems also that the depth was not enough for Philly. They took the guess that Giroux would be able to make up for the "losses". He did. Very well needless to say. But he was close to be alone in doing it. Tons of players faded while the series progressed. Not Brière, it's his time. But the rest didn't do a whole lot.

LA got the depth that Philly let go. Yes, I guess that Philly "model" is about skills and toughness. We all agree we have to go in that direction. But while it's a good start, winning the cup is more than that. And we're seeing it now.

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