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05-18-2012, 05:32 AM
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Originally Posted by mfurta15 View Post
Lucic will be traded at the draft, he could be the most overated player in the league, he is not a top six forward and cannot be used as a 3rd line checker becuase he does not back check and is a defensive liablility who is awful his own end. He will be fully exposed when he is no longer playing within the Bruins system and eventually turn into a 4th line goon with his new team ............. If he was playing for Torterella do you think he would be in the starting line up???? I doubt it , he expects his players to play hard and making defensive zone mistakes like the game 7 turnovers against the Caps that lead to their 1st goal are not acceptable
Let's look at some of your other gems, shall we....

Originally Posted by mfurta15 View Post
I will guarantee this - The Boston Bruins will not win the Stanley Cup with Julien as coach and with Ryder playing a top 9 role.... When those 2 and will also include Ferrence and Paiile, are gone and relpaced with better impact players then I will actually think they have a chance to win....... this team has ZERO chance of winnig, it is that simple , if you really think they have a shot of winning the Staley Cup then you are FOOL...... I have been a fool for the past 30 yrs ,after what I watched last night I am no longer a FOOL - 01-09-2011 -
5 months later:

Originally Posted by mfurta15 View Post
Bergeron is SO overated , he is a 3rd line player getting paid 1st line $$$$

Shawn Thornton has more goals than him!!!!! #37 is offensively challenged!!!!!
Originally Posted by mfurta15 View Post
This will be his 3rd year and it will be his break out year. He was very good in the playoffs. he will be a top 4 by mid season - On Matt Hunwick -
Originally Posted by mfurta15 View Post
50 goals and 55 assist in Plymouth, he will play the first 10 games and be sent back to the OHL. Colborne and Hamill will be the rookie forwards ready to play - On Tyler Seguin -
Your player evaluation skills really haven't panned out.

Lucic would be a 4th liner? You have blind hatred for so many players to the point you completely underrate them and nitpick at every little thing in their game. The fact he's a 30-30 player while leading the team in hits doesn't mean anything. If I recall not a single player did anything in these recent playoffs.

As for the OP, Boston politely declines. JVR just hasn't panned out (YET!) and is coming off an injury. That's a lot of risk that a late 1st and 2nd just don't make up for when discussing one of the more dominant powerforwards in the league, a fan favorite, and one of Boston's top line players.

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