Thread: Speculation: The Ultimate Coaching Poll
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05-18-2012, 07:41 AM
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Don't forget George sets a low bar. He just wants to compete for the cup every year. Looking back at his last 2 hires, they did just that. While allowing him an ear to whisper in to, and maintaining job security.

I have a feeling he does not want to run into someone with a bigger ego than himself, as he may find himself out of a job. Someone that grabs the bull by horns, and doesn't roll over as easily. Goes right to Ted.

I know its tough balancing his career, Ted and sales - quality entertainment, the paid stars and busting prospects. But he needs guidance running the team, something a no sir coach will do for him. Bruce and Dale as coaches were almost complete opposites, but both were team guys with open ears.

It seems to me he needed someone to simply tweak what BB was doing, not do the near complete opposite.

If he is doing so, he needs to stop meddling in coaching, just as Ted needed to step back from managing.

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