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05-18-2012, 08:15 AM
I voted for Kodos
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Originally Posted by jarek View Post
I think this can be simplified to saying that "depth wins". Teams that have stacked their top line with talent and subsequently lacked the depth among the rest of their roster have not had a ton of success of late.
Actually, I think it's more of a referendum on the state of the offense/defense balance in the ATD. Essentially, this model offers voters a bare minimum of "guaranteed" offense (guys like Jagr, Gretzky and Richard who we know will score) slapped onto a team that is otherwise highly defensive. Among the semifinalists, the team with the best second line was the team that lost in five games. I'm not sure this indicates that the voters favor depth. It seems to me that the voters at this point seem to favor defense quite heavily, and don't give much of a **** about offensive depth.

This was not always the case. This is a new team-building paradigm, and a shocking new level of homogeneity among the teams that have advanced furthest. Earlier, in an ironic response to my criticism of voting patterns, GMM suggested that I post my votes as a template for others to follow. Sadly, the real irony seems to be that the voters are, in fact, following some template, just not mine.

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