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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
Yah, if you lift weights and your arms, shoulders and back are built up 5030's are fine (I wear them, lol). The problem in hockey is you get guys with pencil arms and they just show up and play and those are the guys that get hurt. When you're skin and bones you need more protection. And this aiyeare guy is arguing the complete opposite in another thread about people buying stuff they don't need. Which is it? According to him people are supposed to have specific gear that he feels is best for them and we don't live in a free market. He's a hockey equipment communist.
It's called a joke lol, I thought enough common sense would expose that.

Okay, so you're calling me a commie now because of the flag? You know what? That's cool.

My posts speak for themselves about me, as do yours about you. I deal in facts, you apparently deal in judgmental assumptions.

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