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03-25-2006, 02:38 PM
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goalie skates have flate blades, a lower ankle, and cowling.

you can try skating with normal skates, but because your weight is so far forward (it might just be me, i use my toes alot) you'd be constantly unbalanced, since normal blades have a rocker.

goalie skates will give you great stability and ankle flexibility, which is important because if you have the pads loose to do a profly (with the pads rotating so that the pad face is pointing to the shooter instead of the ice) the ankles are free to rotate with the pad.

plus, if you take a shot off the side of the foot (the pads dont cover the entire skate) it'll hurt like hell

with regards to the combo debate, taking pucks off the cage is fine, but its deflected shots, bad bounces, even just idiot shooters that fire an errant puck in practice that hit the side, particularly the ears, that you need a good goalie mask/combo for. you can do whatever you like to be comfortable, i just personally wouldnt want to get a bad head injury just because i wanted to save a couple bucks

chalk up another vote for nxi, awesome masks =D

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