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05-18-2012, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Xegiie View Post
did you actually think about what you just said here??

You said it yourself... he is playing his last years, yes he could come back to pens to finish it where it started...with players he "doesn't go well with " Malking and Crosby.
or he could play major role at flyers with players who can learn from him, G, 6 new rookies ect..
now again, you said it yourself he is multimilionaire, he prolly has enough money for 100 lives to live in luxury, do you really think he turned pens down just to troll or to earn some more cash?
or just to enjoy hockey and play major role?.. think about it

its just too easy to get all angry about it just because he signed with rivals, but those rivals offered him chance to play major role in team, something pens didn't offer him, or he felt he isn't going get it..

how you decide? do you do stuff you love, you want to do, or you do something you said you gonna do years ago?

funny enough you saying Talbot signing due to money is ok, while in same sentence you saying Jagr is money robot even tho its not even true, at least not anymore
Well, if the reason he signed with the Flyers is because he wanted to mentor rookies then that's fine, but I don't buy it, and if he didn't want to be a Penguin, he shouldn't have said he did for 2 months.

I firmly believe that Jagr doesn't need money, Talbot on the other hand, being a former 8th round draft pick and being a career 4th line center, him getting $1.8M a year for 5 years is okay because that might be his only chance at a long contract with a good amount of money.

Jaromir Jagr has had numerous big contracts in the past, he's made millions in the NHL and KHL, are you telling me that the extra $1.2M was a must for Jagr? Because I don't think so. And I disagree about him "not working well with Crosby or Malkin" Both of them have left handed RW's who play great with them, Jagr's whole "I want to play with a right handed center" was just an excuse.

If he wanted to have a bigger role on another team then that's fine, but the fact that the Penguins talked about him before he signed, penciling him in the top 6 and giving him top PP time and just talking about the potential of adding someone like him. Playing RW next to arguably one of the two best centers in the NHL. That's a pretty big role if you ask me.

And you asked me if I think he turned down the Pens to troll them? No, but I do think he turned them down to earn some more cash, because that's all Jagr cares about, sure he loves the sport of hockey, but he doesn't care about a team unless they offer him a lot of money.

Would I still take Jagr back on the Pens? Absolutely, I don't hate the guy, he's a good player.

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