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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post

Yes I read youre post on the latvian forum. Just sad. Imagine how many talents that goes down the drain, not because they wont play but because they cant... Smaller nations like Norway and Denmark etc. Can never be any better if we dont change something asap!

We need more rinks, we need promotion of the sport and sponsorship. I cant see why hockey cant be as popular as football. Norway suck in it and plays a really boring game. Denmark was good some years ago, but I cant say im impressed by them either lately (no offence).
Yeah opportunity is what is needed. Young kids watch the WC on TV....seeing Norway doing well they might beg their parents to enroll them in a hockey club. Parents figure out there is nothing around; sad kid try something else instead.
All sports move from TV-coverage to membership in clubs; but you have to "smede mens jernet er varmt" (do you smithing while the iron is hot). Norway have a historic chance these last WC for a huge increase in membership but if nobody makes any rinks it's lost opportunity. Even though Denmark is smaller it's still big areas without any opportunities, but off course distances in Norway are colossal.
Denmark and Norway could easily have hockey move up higher (maybe never reaching football or handball), but at least somewhat higher up in membership from current 4250 in Denmark (4270 in Latvia, which is remarkably similar) to at least the double without any problems finding new members if we had rinks for it.
No offence taken about your football comments...Denmark is still far from earlier national football teams, but at least we have qualified
It's our hockey families that really makes the national team....sons of former players that starts very early scating and playing. But it would be nice to have it as an accepted sport and not the old public image as a bit of a hooligan sport.

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