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05-18-2012, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by TonySCV View Post
Been a while since we've seen Hammond unfiltered (read - opinionated), but he's bang on here:

"Dave Tippett is highly regarded around the NHL, and rightfully so. He’s a very good coach and a very good, decent man, but Tippett did a poor job of representing himself and his team last night. Publicly belly-aching about officiating in the playoffs always sounds sour, especially in the way that Tippett did it. Tippett, for all practical purposes, accused the Kings of playing a “dishonest’’ game and directly said the Kings were “getting some breaks on calls.’’ To be fair, Tippett makes a good general point. There is too much embellishment in the game today, and the Kings, like every team, are guilty of it.

Two things, however. One, if Tippett felt so strongly about this subject, why did he wait until after Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals — with his team trailing 3-0 — to become a pillar of morality? Two, to Tippett’s credit, he didn’t exempt his own team from criticism, as he noted that there was embellishment on a call that benefitted the Coyotes. That’s admirable honesty. But if Tippett really believes that, how about cleaning up his own house before he starts throwing lobbing verbal grenades? If Tippett’s intentions are pure, his statements would carry more weight if he corrected some of his players’ habits first. In Mike Smith, the Coyotes have 6 feet, 4 inches, of grown man that is often liable to tumble over in a stiff breeze.

The irony is that Tippett is “embellishing’’ his own opinion on this subject in an attempt to influence the referees through the media."
I think Hammond tends to hold back a lot, but usually you can read the subtext in what he's saying. Here, there's no subtext. It was refreshing to read that.

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