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05-18-2012, 01:31 PM
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There's an interesting point in there.

Lots of rec players ARE using the wrong equipment, in terms of skates or sticks especially. And a lot of us guys don't like taking advice or admitting we don't know what we want or need.

Back when I first started as an adult, I bought a clearance Vapor XX 87 flex. Had no clue it was going to be way too stiff. Cut it down a couple inches (up to my eyebrows in bare feet). Had terrible elbow pain after a few weeks.

It was visiting websites and forums where I learned it was probably way too stiff, and I dropped down to a whippy flex. Never had elbow pain since.

If I was too proud, I'd just have played through the pain, maybe assumed I need to get stronger, or my technique was bad (which it was and still is...but I digress).

If I were running a shop, I wouldn't call it unsolicited advice from a salesman. I'd offer a free stick fitting consultation, or whatever you want to call it. I'd probably have a shooting range in the shop with some tester sticks, a lot like BASE, but without the slow mo cameras.

It's like getting your skate profiling and assessment, except probably easier and more accurate.

It'd take 10 minutes to go through the Q&A (what are you using now, could you bring your stick in, what kind of shots do you take, what's your height/weight, are you having any problems), and then you can sell them on your products and services. And you'd have some damn loyal customers who think you know what you're doing.

As it is, most sales guys seem to be glorified stock boys. There's a lot of opportunity there.

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