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05-18-2012, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Holy Mackinaw View Post
OK, let's get bold.

Let me preface this by saying I DO NOT want to part with the #5, but....

1) TO COL: Liles/Blacker/2nd
#5 oveall straight up

TO TOR:Stastny

Why?: The Avs could use some points from the D, especially on PP, and a Liles' return gives them that long-term at a decent price. Hate the idea of parting with Blacker or Lupul, but Liles alone does not get Stastny. You probably still have to sweeten the pot.

Stastny, at just 26, gives us a legitimate #1 centre and allows for the C drafted (assuming the #5 isn't gone) to develop. He only has one more year left on his deal, so he would have to be signed to an extension.

If above does not work, kick the tires on Getzlaf and if he is available, go hard after him:

TO ANA:Joffrey Lupul/5th overall

TO TOR:Getzlaf

WHY: OK, I know I am about to get flamed by my fellow Leaf fans, but you have to give up something to get something back, right? If Selaane retires, the Ducks need a top six forward. They get that in Lupul, and a high pick for the future. Welcome back, Lupul.

Is it an overpayment? I'm not so sure. Lupul excelled last year, but no one saw that coming. I think you trade him now when his value is high and you can get a stud C in Getzlaf. This deal would obviously hinge on Getzlaf signing an extension. Getzlaf and Kessel (and maybe even Lupul) together? Yes, please.

A) See if we can acquire Luongo for a decent prospect, a possible cap dump and a second. Don't want to turn this into a Canuck thread saying it isn't enough, but if we can get him at a decent price, he is the best available. If not, Plan B.

B) Attempt to sign Vokoun, if he plans on staying in NA, as a stopgap for a couple of years.

C)Failing that, go after Berner or Harding and platoon him with Reimer or Scrivens and hope for the best. Not an ideal scenario, but one that won't see us part with more than we want.
Okay, it was expained to me now, why some seem to think Getzlaf is being dealt, but come on, you are giving the Ducks two more good wingers (Lupul and likely Forsberg) besides Perry and Ryan, when they now have NO center? How does that work for them?

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