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05-18-2012, 03:15 PM
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The character of this team is very underlooked

Listening to Francesa and Pierre talking right now and something that Pierre brings up in the character of the Rangers and how they have been able to bounce back in the regular season and in the playoffs. Go back 4-5 years and before the lockout, was this something that we could say about those groups? Did they have the same ability to pick themselves off the floor and come back when people and fans begin to doubt?

It's something that has led me to be positive about this team going forward in this series, this season, and for seasons to come. You cannot deny the ability of this team because when you do, they make you eat your words.

All I know is that there were a lot of people that were ready to throw in the towel before the 2nd period started last game. Guess what, even in the loss, this team showed effort and willingness to win by coming back and taking a lead.

Another thing is: Who is the most responsible for this? Coaching? Player Leadership? the skill of the team on the ice? I believe Cally, Richards, and the other Vets in the room are making this happen. I just hope we can keep talking about how gutsy and the guile of this team for another couple weeks.

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