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Originally Posted by Slowe View Post
How much is this really expanding though? I believe the ECHL allows fewer vets, so you'll need a few more younger kids on these new teams. San Francisco and Orlando though I understand. Now you have to pull together players from who knows where and hope you can make a team out of it. But won't a lot of players from Forth Wayne and Evansville simply be just switching from one league to another?

I'm all for it. Standardization of systems, shared infrastructure, and more teams to play. Why have teams geographically close to one another, but NEVER play each other because they are in different leagues? It's all AA, so why wouldn't you want to play as many close rivals and cut down on travel costs?
Just who may I ask is Ft. Wayne close to aside from Evansville and Kalamazoo? Possible Cincy???(Just a guess)

Depends on how the rosters were built. You can only have 4 vets. Plus it depends on affiliations. I hear FW is going independent, Don't know about Evansville but you usually get some AHL Contracted guys sent down so that will weed out a couple spots for returns.

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