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05-18-2012, 05:03 PM
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One thing I haven't really thought enough about - what should I be shooting AT?

I won't be taking a net or anything there, but I am sure it would be good to have a target of some sort.

My friend suggested shooting at a tree, but I think that would be bad for the tree.

I definitely need to have something to keep the puck from flying into traffic, people, windows, etc. I'm assuming I'll be able to find a wall or something that I can shoot at, but since it's not my place I don't want to do damage or anything. I'm thinking maybe if I can find a nice park with perhaps some sort of low wall, that would work. If it's made out of rock (as lots of walls in Hawaii tend to be - volcanic rock is plentiful!), I'm thinking that would stop the puck without doing damage to the wall.

Another thing I've seen done is tying a rope between two trees and putting up a sheet or something to have as a target. I would definitely want to make sure it's not a place where unsuspecting people might walk up behind the sheet, though.

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