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Originally Posted by Green Men Rule View Post
Just who may I ask is Ft. Wayne close to aside from Evansville and Kalamazoo? Possible Cincy???(Just a guess)
OK so let's ignore Evansville because presumably they were going to stick with Fort Wayne wherever they played. Dayton folded, so they are out of the CHL.

Close teams in the CHL = Quad Cities and Bloomington. If I recall, wasn't it questionable that either one of them would even start the season? And one of Bloomington's owners bailed half way through the season. If one or both of these teams go it screws the teams in Indiana.

Close teams in the ECHL = Toledo, Cincy, Kalamazoo, and Wheeling. I'll give you that Wheeling could be in trouble.

Teams to play if you're willing to travel = 8 for the ECHL (northeast and southeast) and 9 for the CHL (Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas area). Throw in the 9 on the west coast for the ECHL if you want, but I don't think cross divisional play happens often.

So the ECHL is a better fit for sure, even if not by a whole lot. I think it's a matter of minimizing risk.

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