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Originally Posted by spitz fan 4ever View Post
Hi guys, 1st time post here, in Regards to last year, if they (the spits) know there hosting, shugg and cantin no trade, and im sure a guy like wellwood, and maybe even hall is returned.If you remember hall didnt do all that much his 1st 9 games in the NHL...and maybe prompting a return to junior and mem cup. Also, im sure Rychel, would have dealt for at least 1 vet before season started, and you know at deadline Rychel would of got more than just carnevale, carrick,and brown, prolly a top notch defenseman to compliment ellis. Also maybe they dont trade Grubauer either. With that being said, its prolly enough to get them in mem cup for 3rd straight time, and with hosting they wouldve been favorites.....ohh well...hind sight...i for this season, i see them as prolly a top 3 in conference and depending on trades/health , at least a conference finalist.

I have to agree the spits would have done things diff if they would have been awarded the mem cup instead of missy.I dont want to beat a dead horse but IMO Branch slapped the Windsor fans in the face after we supported the all star game,prospects etc to show the league what we could do given the opp.
And now I wont support and buy tickets to anything else but the spits games.I didnt buy the U17 and wont for anyother CHL event and I know alot of fans that feel the same way.I will buy the 14' mem cup and if we ever along with Detroit/the Joe ever got the world jr's but thats it.Giving Windsor a third shot would have been a big thankyou ,but Branch isnt that smart.Having it in the GTA def. didnt elevate the league in a area thats now 90% new immigrants Missy/Brampton.

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