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05-18-2012, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by angry pirate View Post
To be honest I don't foresee major changes to our D this season. It's not secret that our team revolves around a healty Markov. Although Subban may be ready to take over that role sooner rather than later.

Progression of Subban, Emelin, And Diaz should make our backend improved over last years. Hopefully a healthy Markov will change the dynamic considerably. 2 possibilities I foresee, 1 with a 100% Markov, one without.

Markov - Gorges
Subban - Emelin
Kaberle - Diaz

With this possibility of swapping Markov and Subban if his knee can't handle top pairing minutes, or if he doesn't get that lost step back.

Don't forget, for all Kaberle's ineptitude, since donning the habs sweater, he still had the highest ppg pace of all our defenders last season.
I sort of agree with this. I don't expect much change, at least early in the season. Kaberle is a soft-minute player, but he can put up points. He's probably not tradable at this point, though.

As I see it, the Habs need another hard-minute defenceman. Right now, there's only Gorgeous and Subban. The rest need to be sheltered or paired or somehow protected. If Markov does recover, then that would give the Habs a pretty good top 3 and allow the continued progression of Emelin and others. But if he's lost his edge, then the Habs really need another minute-eater if they want to be competitive.

While I think that Bergevin is leery of repeating Gauthier's mistake in not planning for Markov's setback, I don't see him going out and making a big change to the defence. Maybe swapping depth players for variety of style, but not big ticket changes early in the off-season.

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