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05-18-2012, 10:10 PM
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To say Rychel would have done things differently if he had the hosting duties is an understatement.

Looking at who we could have had on last year's roster if they had been awarded the bid.

Up front - Ryan, Kassian, Shugg, Lanoue and Johnston (OA) returning from the previous Cup with Wellwood, Henrique and Nemisz as potential OAs. Obviously not all would have returned but with a chance at a threepeat I am sure one would have been sent back. Hall would have been gone for sure.

D - Ellis, Posa, Duininck and Cantin (OA) would have returned from the previous Cup. I could have seen Fowler coming back in that situation as well.

Goal would have seen Passingham (OA) return.

While not the best returning group they were still a solid core.

Add in Kuhnhackl and Khokhlachev to the top 9 and your forwards start to look pretty solid if one of the OAs were returned.

Kuhnhackl - Khokhlachev - Shugg
??? - Wellwood or Henrique or Nemisz(All OAs)- Kassian
??? - Johnston (OA) - Ryan
??? - ??? - Lanoue

We would not have Ebert had we been hosting which would have left the D looking like

Fowler - Ellis
Cantin (OA) - ???
Posa - Duininck


Passingham (OA)

We would have had to move an OA by the deadline but we would have had 5 of our D returning to start the season. The picks gained from dealing Shugg/Cantin then returned to aquire Ebert would have never been exchanged.

The deal with Kingston would have likely gone through anyways so we would have still been ahead on picks to start the season after dealing Grubauer.

With knowing he had the bid on draft day (wasn't it awarded just before the draft?) would Rychel had tried letting Kerby slide and still drafted Webermin or would he have just taken Kerby in the first round saving himself a couple of picks?

Would Brown, Carrick, Carnevale, Tarini and Clouthier been aquired? All were OAs and while Brown was a nice addition the rest would not have been missed and the assets would have been used elsewhere. Same with MacIntyre and MacQueen. Would either of them have been added if they were making a run? I doubt it.

Add Kerby and Czinder to the above line up and that is how they would have started the season instead of looking to rebuild. With a few more assets to deal at the deadline than they had along with Locke and Trojanovic and there would have been better deals to make to add the missing pieces.

Yes it is all speculation and of course we can't say for sure that the players I suggest would have been returned would actually have been sent back, but the chances of them being returned when they were guaranteed a Memorial Cup trip would have definitely been better.

All speculation but it would have definitely been handled much differently than it was had they been hosting.

As for the media attention and marketability of the two regions for the tourney?

An indifferent market that has shown very little interest or support for the product


A market that had a secondary market that could use the extra attention across the border
A market that had the underdog label after three years of tough economic times
A team that in it's fifth year of new ownership was going for it's third consecutive title
A market that had the emotional attachment of the Mickey Renaud story that could still be used
A market that had demonstrated the ability to host all the special events associated with the league
A market that had a team that had a chance to make history on home ice
A market that had a fanbase that was already in a frenzy from the two previous championships

Branch missed out on the chance to have potentially the biggest storyline in Memorial Cup history play out last season and instead went with a chance to sell a product to a region that doesn't want it.

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