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Originally Posted by Kirk- NEHJ View Post
KoKo could opt for the's possible. He's spent two seasons in the OHL, and he can't play in the AHL next season, even if he wanted to. He's not getting any real money playing for Windsor, and even if he signs an ELC with Boston, he still won't unless he makes the NHL club right away in the fall.

I suppose it will come down to a couple of things: does Boston aggressively try to sign him and ask that he stay in the OHL one more year, or allow him to opt into the KHL, but with a signed NHL contract? There seems to be real danger with just letting him sign with the KHL, though. Because he was drafted out of the CHL, they have to sign him before June 1, 2013 or lose him back into the draft. They probably need to sign him before he inks a deal with a KHL team (HC Spartak), who could then own his rights/services when that signing deadline came up and could try to extract some kind of transfer fee from Boston.

All seems kind of complicated to me, and there may be an angle I am missing. However, I don't believe the Bruins would have spent an early 2nd rounder on him if he didn't give them every indication that he would commit to what they wanted from him. Kids can always change their minds, I suppose, but if KoKo bolts, you Russian hockey fans out there can kiss the chance that the Bruins ever draft another kid from there again goodbye.
Kirk my question for you is this. For those who haven't seen him in person, and I did this year when Windsor came to London, can you give your perspective on his size or lack thereof? I was stunned at how small he was. He and Max Domi would be a good comparison. Given that, anyone who thinks he plays in the NHL is in a different world than me. Your thoughts please?

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