Thread: Speculation: Should Tambellini be fired?
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05-18-2012, 10:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Psychoil View Post
Iunno if anyone caught this, but jay onrait was on the team 1260 today and he voiced his displeasure with oiler management. He is originally from edmonton so he's an oilers fan. But he basically said upper management has been making mistake after mistake and he thinks front office should be cleaned soon.

He's right too, just the way they've been handling things lately has been a traavesty. When you sign guys like barker, belanger and eager, you better know what you're getting with them

Either way, I agreed with alot of what onrait said.
Jay Onrait... is one... is one of us...?!

My day. It has been made.

I believe that there have been many mistakes and missteps on the front, but I think the worst thing we can do mid-rebuild, or at least at the tail end of it, is fire the architect before the building's complete. Lest we have to start this again.

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