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Originally Posted by mark11 View Post
i got to know about two things on this board

-whats the deal with torts and aliens? whats the story behind that

-why so much hate for duby, i know his seasons has been flat, but the guy trys hard he fits the team mold, he has chemistry with this core, why all the hate? and why is he so hated by other teams?
He held out like he was some sort of really good player that the team just couldnt do without and then held the team hostage with the salary cap and is earning way more than he should be. Oh and since he got that contract he's been really bad and not come anywhere close to living up to it. Now had he not held out and took less money there would be no problem with him (ESP in my eyes) but he acted like he was gods gift to MSG and is taking up 2 million dollars of cap room that he just doesn't deserve. Hope that explains it

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