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05-19-2012, 05:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Badger Mayhew View Post
Straight up proposals from Leaf fans never seem to work out, so I'd like to flip things around.

In order of need, Leafs are missing:

1) #1 goalie (at least one that can start for 2-3 years while Reimer/Scrivens develop)
2) #1 centre
3) Power-forward in their Top 6
4) Veteran defense-man

Kessel is the only untouchable. Everyone else is fair game (including our #5)

For those teams willing to shop a player that fills one of our needs, what would you want coming back?
I'm not a Leafs fan and I have a different opinion of what they need. If I was going to fix the Leafs this off season, this is what I would try to do.

1. Offer Suter $8 million per year for 8 years. Defense is by far the most important piece that the Leafs lack, I don't care that the have an abundance or # 4,5,6 d-men, they need an elite #1 which would then make Phaneuf an elite #2 an so forth.

2. Sign Chris Kelly ar $3 million per year for 4 years. Yes, I know he is not a #1 center, the Leafs don't have trouble scoring, they have trouble keeping the puck out of their net. Kelly on the 3rd line facing all of the opponents top lines will instantly make the overall team D better, he will also improve the Leafs pitiful PK, another sore spot for the Leafs.

3.Kick the tires on every goaltender out there, Lungo, Thomas, whoever. If the price is right, add one of them.

4.Keep my 1st round picks, I repeat, Keep my 1st round picks unless someone is offering an elite player like Malkin, etc.

In my opinion that would put the Leafs in the playoffs without giving a lot. The Leafs are not in position to be moving any player who is valuable and they are not going to get a #1 center without moving several of their best pieces.

The Leafs need patience to let their prospects develop and the willingness to bury salary like Komisarek if they can't trade him.

I just see this season as an important one for the Leafs and Burke, it looks like Suter is going to be available as an UFA and Burke just needs to outbid everyone, this is the player he can build the team around. Burke has his chance to really improve the team in the offseason. He has no excuse for not going after Suter, if Suter decides to take less money to go somewhere else there is nothing Burke can do about it, but Burke can offer the best salary. If Burke doesn't get Suter because he didn't offer enough money, the next thing I would do is fire Burke.

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