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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
Me and CP actually know what we are talking about. We have both stated that we don't "hate" Grigorenko so grow up and use your big boy words instead of calling people "haters" when you don't understand/agree with them. You constantly insinuate that people are picking on Grigorenko while there isn't anything negative said about any other prospect. Either you don't read anything on any other prospect or you are just here to aggravate and argue.......I'll go with the latter until proven otherwise.

Like I said, it will be absolute proof that Timmin's is in complete agreement with us when he passes on your boy. The only reason to do so is because of his perimeter game/timidness as he clearly fits every other need that we have.

Enjoy your last month in Grigorenko's fanboy club because he won't be a Hab. With any luck he will be drafted by Toronto and all of is loyal defenders can follow him to the Leaf's board where they can petition Burke to sign other popular tin men like Semin and Kostitsyn.
Just because you think you're right doesn't mean you are right. Timmins not drafting Grigs doesn't mean squat, especially not proving you're right. It would just prove they wanted a different player.

Secondly, I've said many a time that I think Grigs is a hell of a talented player but never said he was going to get picked by the Habs. Hes also not "my boy" as ive also said many of times that have gone over your head. I like a few prospects and have stuck with them. I dont change my mind about them as theyre just as giod and talented as they were when the last played. So far from not knowing any other prospects, I just dont see many better ones than Grigs, Galy, Murray or Forsberg.

I think it's comical that you and CP get all worked up when I say that all the players in the draft have one issue or another. God forbid anyone brings up a concern about your boy Galy and his indestructible knee. That's stupid as knee surgeries always have a 100% success rate and no player in the modern era has ever had any subsequent problems after major knee surgery. That would be ridiculous! Then you have TT and the scouts concern over his drive and attitude but for some reason it's okay for him to have a soft heart but not Grigs because you guys "know what you're talking about."

Despite your assertion that i call all people who trash Grigs haters, I dont. However, you and CP clearly are.

But please, don't get off your high horse. Your arrogance and self perceived hockey knowledge is quite entertaining to watch from here. It's always fun watching guys like you fall off.

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