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05-19-2012, 07:36 AM
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Originally Posted by GirouxGiroux View Post
If they care about money, then they care about fans. I'm not sure the Union owners are even out of the red yet, this is only their third season. They want fans to come spend money, and fans won't do that if Nowak makes everyone hate him. So, what you're saying doesn't make sense.

They haven't fired him because he's been here two and a half seasons and made the playoffs last year. You don't pull the trigger that fast on a team that was assembled out of nothing.

That said, I can't stand the guy and I hope they don't wait too long.
Seattle has been in MLS one season more than the Union and is arguably the most successful club financially and has a historical winning record in each season. Zigi for his eccentricness is a pretty good coach and the team has embraced the city and the city has embraced the team. They don't move players in cash grabs...the Sounders actually go out and improve their product and try to make themselves a better team each offseason. Seattle is clearly the model expansion in MLS and the team that Philadelphia should have modeled itself after.

It was going down that direction with a much improved second season...despite an uneven and rough finish there were positive signs. They moved the wrong guys though...Mwanga and Adu should have been moved while you keep Califf and LeToux...and build around LeToux and keep Califf on in a gradually reduced role over the duration of his contract. Califf may not be a very good player at this point in his career but he has experience and things he can teach younger defensemen. Mwanga plays effortless ball half the time he's out there and Adu is maddeningly inconsistent.

Nowak should absolutely be fired...not for the moves but for his arrogance and how he throws players under the bus after deals are made. It's unprofessional and bush league IMO. Trading fan favorites is one thing if you're getting value in return. Making cash grab moves using the fan favorites is another...and arguably a bush league move.

I was very close to ponying up on Union tix this year until the LeToux deal was made and how it was made. That was the point where I said I wouldn't support the team with Nowak around. He and Nick S. deserve all the crap they're getting for how they've handled and bungled the PR on these moves.

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