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05-19-2012, 12:30 PM
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I got invited to play a Friday night pickup game last year, it turned out to be a good group of guys.

2 of them were big Blackhawks fans, and they took to the ice looking like they stepped right out of the Winter Classic from a few years ago, the 'vintage' black sweaters, black pants, the proper socks, gloves, etc. One was 'Kane', the other 'Toews'. I usually don't look twice at that sort of thing, because I play soccer during the summer and guys always wear the jersey of their favorite team, me included. However, on the ice wearing the full kit looks kinda weird. At least wear different socks or something.

I have an authentic fake Pronger Flyers sweater I want to wear, but I figure that's just begging for a few hard slashes...or worse. So I'll try to recapture my wasted teen years by rocking the barberpole 67's sweater.

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