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05-19-2012, 12:08 PM
Cyclones Rock
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Dayton needs a break from pro hockey.

The FHL isn't going to revitalize hockey in Dayton. It's a league which could hardly be called stable, has no close rivalries to Dayton and will be several notches below the quality of Dayton's former teams. It could be the fail nail in the Dayton hockey coffin.

The only hope for Dayton hockey is a new arena. It might be a pipe dream, but hockey has been a financial disaster ever since the Bombers left the Nutter Center in 1995 (or so). The Bombers and the Gems lost a lot of money, the Ice Bandits folded after one season and Troy (about 20 miles from Hara) has failed with a few teams as well.

The Dayton area is financially depressed. Its blue collar hockey base has been devastated by huge and irreplaceable job losses over the past two decades. A new arena would bring the corporate and novelty/white collar fans into the picture, something that the Gems and Bombers were unable to do for the past decade and a half plus.

Unfortunately, the odds of a new arena being built right now are long against. The FHL-with its absentee owner from Danville, IL-is bound to fail. The market needs a significant rest, not an ill advised beer league plus level replacement for AA hockey.

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