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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
That's such a joke. If someone wants to spend $250 even for a stick, who cares. That's an awesome stick. I used $150 sticks to play dek hockey when a buddy asked me to play on his team just because i'm used to the stick in general. I'm surprised someone chirped at you.

That's reason I try to stay away from adult leagues. I love getting on the ice, but there is so much heart/soul put into a real battle and it's hard when that's out of the game. Hockey doesn't intrigue me for fancy moves. I love blocking a shot, finishing a hit, and battling in front of the net. That's the beauty of the game.

Side note: One thing that I would chirp at is if someone has a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey on in an adult league. It was always a huge no-no to wear real jerseys for pick up games, practice, etc. Also - don't wear the socks, either. Get yourself a plain black or grey pair of reebok practice socks and everything will be okay.
Uh oh, I might be that guy.

I have a pair of penguins socks and used shells that I picked up off of eBay because they were cheap. My old kohos should have been replaced years ago, so I've been using these in it's place. It's not like I'm going out in full team gear. The helmet and gloves don't exactly match, nor does the jersey.

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