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05-19-2012, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by MsWoof View Post
No they're not. Darren Dreger and Jamie McLellan did as well, and those are just 2 of the people I heard talking about it on the radio. Most King fans here are divided on the issue of whether he's a diver or not. He's smarter about it than Kesler and that's why he gets away with it, or has up till now. We'll see if Tippett's comments make a difference on Sunday.
Who cares what they said? Seriously. (I think you're the first HF poster to drop Jamie McLellan's name in a positive light)

Keith Jones also just said that he "never knew he (Brown) was that fast." Maybe his speed helps him draw penalties? - ya think? (the answer you want to use is "yes")

And more than likely, this is the most that Jones has WATCHED Brown play - ever. Kings fans have always know that Brown's game is SPEED and hitting - that also helps him get calls (if you don't follow.)

I'm sooo tired of the Kings kicking *** and all anyone talks about is "diving and embellishment" - as if it's a new thing in the 2012 POs.

And what about "Tippett's comments?" Like the refs like to be (wrongly) called out by some myopic coach. He'll have no impact on what the refs do or don't do in any game - maybe he should talk to his team about PLAYING a better game, ya think? (use the same answer as above).

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