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Originally Posted by TCsmyth View Post
I still don't get your line of thinking. Why on earth would you tell anybody if he is injured? Haven't you watched all the playoffs over the years where guys end up having shoulder or knee or wrist surgery and we find out after the fact. If he has a bump or a tweak that needs a few days...why would you say?

I think this is a huge deal over nothing. Whatever the reason, I am sure he is thrilled to be part of this, knowing it is one step closer to the NHL for him. I know you have him in a pool or something, but to me, much to do about nothing.
Yes I've watched the playoffs over the years. These players you talk about, they are usually still in the lineup, which is why the injuries are never really disclosed. Don't want the opposing players targeting the injuries after all. It's possible he has a minor injury and he needed some rest, if that is the case, I'd expect to see him in the lineup next game.

If the injury is bad enough to keep him out for the remainder of the playoffs, just come out and say so and get him started on his rehab.

**Regardless of the fact that I have him in a Keeper league, you'd have to think playing in these important games would be best for his development. It's not like the career AHLrs they are replacing him with are actually playing any better.

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