Thread: Speculation: Derek Roy-5 reasons to keep him
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05-19-2012, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
I'll be pleasantly surprised if Roy is moved. I don't think Darcy will get offers that are close enough to how highly he's going to value Derek. That and I think (well, I hope) that Darcy will need to see where his top 2 replacement center is going to come from, and I'm not so sure he's available myself.
Originally Posted by Loods View Post
The only reason to keep Roy would be if Darcy fails to add a center of similar capabilities this offseason.

I fully expect Darcy to land a new center, so there's no reason for Roy.
My gut feeling is that, despite his preference to get maximum return in any trade, Regier will feel that it would be far worse to hold onto him because:

1) the Ruff-Roy relationship is too strained to risk dissension or chemistry issues spilling over to the locker room next season - especially with so many of the team's other core players being fellow alumni of Rochester; and

2) Roy's pending UFA status next summer will make his trade value during the season even less than it is now since any interested teams would think they could just sign him next summer, rather than give up an asset for him - and if Roy underachieves again next season, the Sabres will once again be forced to let a free agent walk without getting anything of value back.

For those two reasons, I can see Regier looking for the best offer he can get this summer - before training camp begins - and accepting it, just to get something back for Roy and eliminate the likely distractions that the Roy-Ruff relationship and trade rumors will fuel.

I also got the sense from his interviews after the season that Regier, while clearly wanting to get another center, isn't that scared with a duo of Ennis-Hodgson in the mix.

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